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Placing Pipe

Some of the final pieces of pipe are going into place today at the HMGP-Water Treatment Plant flood protection project that is replacing a key water supply line. As these very large fittings are secured, tested and put into service with water flowing through the lines, then we will let the public know about the removal of the current water restrictions. Again, thank you to the many people who have heeded the City’s request for not watering your lawns and washing your cars. This has helped immensely to make sure that the region’s water reservoirs aren’t depleted and that in-house domestic water use for drinking, cooking, etc. has been able to continue without a hitch. Stay tuned for the lates

Water Restriction Information

Are you wondering about why the City is under a water restriction? Maybe these photos will help … starting at 3 a.m. today (Monday, May 23), crews were at three separate sites by the Water Treatment Plant flood protection project, installing new pipe to feed water from wells to the plant. Most of these pipes are 36-inches and are considered very large to work with. One section is a specialty part that is made of fiberglass. This line feeds from wells south of town and without this line it is impossible to maintain the typical water load that Minot and others use in the summer. This line had to be redirected in a few different places and ultimately feed through a floodwall! Thanks to the crew

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