Phase MI-5 Northeast Tieback Levee

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Phase MI-5 is the Northeast Tieback Levee project in northeast Minot. This is a critical phase of the project that connects the first four phases of flood protection in Minot back to high ground in the northeast and finalizes FEMA accreditable flood protection for 60% of homes that would otherwise be required to carry flood insurance once new floodplain maps go effective.


As of December 2018, the project is at a 90% design level. This phase would start on the east end of the Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue project by Third Street NE and continues to the east and south, tying back to high ground.


The June 20, 2018 public input meeting gave the impacted neighborhood and the general public a chance to review design features. These current features include the following:


  • Earthen levees, approximately 5,400 feet

  • Arterial road changes, especially to 7th Street NE/4th Ave/ NE

  • A dry storm water pond

  • A stoplog removable railroad closure structures on BNSF tracks

  • Additional pedestrian pathways and a pedestrian closure near the railroad tracks

  • City greenway implementation and features, including a shared-use path and open spaces

  • A storm water pump station

  • Minor floodwalls (400 feet) near the railroad closure structure

  • Municipal infrastructure modifications and improvements, including sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, and street reconstruction


Between the 60% design and the 90% design a handful of items were modified to accommodate requests made at the public input meeting and to try and reach middle ground with parties such as railroad entities. These changes included moving the railroad closure structure to the east, adding a temporary bypass on the rail line, designing multi-use paths for recreational purposes, modifying flood protection features to go above and beyond the 100-year flood plain to reach flood of record levels, and other modifications. None of the changes have significantly altered the public impacts presented at the 60% design meeting to the public. Some of these changes did lead to additional estimated construction costs.


Rendering of 6th Street NE bridge and the realigned 4th Avenue NE along the top of the new levee.

90% Design Flyover of the project. 


Cost estimates for the construction of the Northeast Tieback Levee are $47 million. A number of permits and other approvals will be required before the project can proceed, and thus there is no firm timeline for bidding or construction. It is anticipated that once construction begins that it would likely take roughly two years to complete.


Phase MI-5 is currently at the 90% design level.

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