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MI-5 Phase Northeast Tieback Levee Spring Construction and Traffic Updates

Minot, ND –April 9th, 2024 - Construction of Phase MI-5 is expected to start in the upcoming weeks as the winter weather appears to be behind us. Construction activities will focus on utility and pavement removal and installation near the intersection of 3rd Street NE and 5th Avenue NE.

Starting April 16th, 5th Avenue NE will be closed to through traffic starting at 3rd Street NE from the west. 3rd Street NE will be open to through traffic, however temporary streetlights will be added to the intersection of 6th Avenue NE and 3rd Street NE to alleviate construction traffic. Access to local businesses will be signed to travel through the construction zone.

It is anticipated that 3rd Street NE will be closed to through traffic in early May and will be unavailable for through traffic for approximately 40 days once it is closed. An updated notice will be shared when construction dates are known.

Railway Avenue will continue to be closed to traffic from 3rd Street NE to 27th Street NE. Railway Avenue will remain closed for the 2024 construction season. It is anticipated Railway Avenue will be open to through traffic starting in the fall of 2024.

Through traffic on Railway Avenue will continue to detour south to Burdick Expressway, while local traffic will utilize 6th Avenue NE to access residential neighborhoods north of Railway Avenue.

The work on Railway Avenue and 4th Avenue NE is part of the Phase MI-5 Northeast Tieback Levee Project, a Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project phase. Phase MI-5 includes earthen levees, arterial road changes, a dry stormwater pond, floodwalls, a city greenway feature, and a stormwater pump station.

When completed and connected to the first four phases of the MREFPP, the MI-5 phase will help remove approximately 60 percent of Minot residents from the proposed FEMA floodplain and, most importantly, provide long-term flood protection to the record flood of 2011. All the enhanced flood protection projects currently under construction and those under design provide a level of protection equal to the 2011 flood, plus three feet of freeboard.


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