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MREFPP VE-1 Velva and RC-1 Mouse River Park Information Now Available

Minot, N.D. – Due to continued COVID-19 concerns throughout the region, public information meetings have not been able to be held for the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project in Mouse River Park – Renville County and Velva – McHenry County.

In order to communicate important project information to area stakeholders and residents which would have been shared at these meetings, the Souris River Joint Board has embarked on several efforts to disseminate this information.

Area residents will be mailed information outlining the general project information including project overview, public impacts, detours, and project schedule information. Narrated project presentations for both projects can be viewed on the Mouse River Plan YouTube page and at the following website link This information can also be accessed through Mouse River Plan’s Facebook page.

We encourage residents to submit questions or comments regarding the projects using the following link Commenting deadline is January 3, 2021.

For more information about the entire Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project, visit, or visit us on Facebook at Mouse River Plan.


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