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Phase BU-1A & BU-1B City of Burlington

urban flood control

Phase BU-1 is a flood risk management system that encompasses a significant portion of the City of Burlington, North Dakota. Phase BU-1A is the bridge portion of the BU-1 project. These projects are currently at a 100% design level. The project parameters include the north (upstream) section of the system which starts at Park Road near the Canadian Pacific Railroad and extends along the Des Lacs River toward the Des Lacs/Mouse River confluence, from the confluence the MREFPP - Phase BU-1 extends south crossing Colton Avenue, and ultimately encompassing the southern (downstream) section of the City near the Riverwood Subdivision and the Canadian Pacific Railroad.   

Major design features associated with the Phase BU-1 Project include:

  • Approximately 8,830 feet of new dirt levees

  • Seepage cut-off wall integrated with levee alignment

  • Interior stormwater ponding storage areas

  • Levee ramps for access, maintenance, and inspections

  • Kittelson Pump Station and interior drainage improvements

  • Two (2) stoplog road closure structures with floodwall sections at Valley Avenue and Stemen Drive

  • Overbank excavation adjacent to the Mouse River channel extending upstream and downstream of Colton Avenue   

  • Colton Avenue bridge modifications 

  • Temporary levee at Colton Avenue crossing

  • River bank and levee erosion protection 

  • Sanitary, water main, force main, and storm sewer upgrades for pipe networks crossing under the levee within the Project right-of-way

  • Municipal infrastructure modifications and improvements, including sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, and street reconstruction

  • City greenway features including bike trail system and open space

Phase BU-1 -  City of Burlington, 60% Design Flyover of the Project

Maps depicting the project are included above. The Burlington projects will be constructed in several separate phases.

Phase BU-1B Timelapse of Project

Project Photo Gallery

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