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StARR Program

rural flood control

The StARR Program was developed by the Souris River Joint Board as a potential solution to address continuous flooding challenges for private landowners throughout the rural areas of the Mouse River Basin. The program contained options for landowners to receive assistance through funding from the ND State Water Commission, City of Minot Sales Tax collections directed at flood protection, and a local share of 5%, for the purpose of structure acquisition and demolition, structure relocation, or the ring diking of property. The North Dakota State Water Commission and US Army Corps of Engineers Silver Jackets Programs were also project partners.

The program requirements were adopted by the Souris River Joint Board in January of 2016 and the ND State Water Commission approved the cost-share participation in March of 2016. Individual meetings were conducted with property owners to determine the best solution for each situation. Appraisals, offers, acquisitions, demolitions, relocations and ring dike construction has been ongoing since 2016. 

The program has assisted 35 property owners within Renville, Ward and McHenry counties. One ring dike is currently in design and expected to be constructed in 2020. Three participants were involved in structure relocations, including one home. There were a total of 166 structures acquired with 135 of those demolished and 17 of those were resold.

The program is currently not available due to a lack of additional funding. If further funding becomes available, the Souris River Joint Board will assess the situation and determine if there is still an interest in the program.


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