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Phase SA-1 Sawyer Bridge Currently In Construction

-- UPDATE --
January 1, 2023

The existing bridge was removed and construction of the new bridge is complete with minor items left to be completed in the spring 2023 construction season.  The roadway grading was complete in both directions with the south roadway being paved the first week of November before winter season. Pouring and forming bridge barriers in November proved to be difficult with the early cold temperatures and required supplemental heat applications.  The roadway was officially opened to traffic on November 28th. Riprap placement is ongoing and is required to be complete prior to the spring runoff season.  The remaining punch list items will be completed in the spring once construction can begin.


Phase SA-1 Sawyer Bridge

urban flood control

The Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project Preliminary Engineering Report released in 2012 looked at ways to alleviate the flood risk for the residents of Sawyer. One element of that plan included the replacement of the Highway 23 bridge in Sawyer.


Design of the Sawyer Bridge project was authorized by the SRJB and began in the fall of 2018. The new bridge will be raised and lengthened, in order to increase conveyance through the area. Engineers have completed approximately 60% of the design elements, which is depicted in the rendering below. A public meeting was held in Sawyer on July 18, 2019 to discuss the 60% plan and proposed detour routes.

Sawyer 14_111418.jpg
Sawyer Full Plan.jpg

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