Phase MI-1 4th Avenue Currently In Construction

-- UPDATE --

January 13, 2020

Despite chilly January temperatures, crews on the Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue project continue to work outside on the floodwalls and the Broadway Pump Station. With light snow so far the crews are able to access the work areas easily and continue pushing toward completing the nearly 2,000 linear feet of floodwalls and one of the largest pump stations in the state.

Construction completion on this phase is slated for early 2021.

Phase MI-1 4th Avenue

urban flood control

The 4th Avenue North Floodwall phase of the project is located between just west of Broadway and just east of Third Street NE. This phase features floodwalls, earthen levees, a large pump station and other key features.

The project has approximately 2,250 feet of floodwalls, earthen levees on both sides of where the Broadway Bridge connects on the north side of the river, and two removable closure structures.

Construction is now in the second season and is expected to be complete in early 2021.


4th Avenue North Floodwall, 100% Design Flyover of the Project

LIVE Construction Cams

Time lapse cameras have been placed at two locations along this phase of the project. Select the image to enlarge it and then you can play the slide show to see the progress. Images are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Project Photo Gallery

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