Phase MI-2C West Peterson Coulee Outlet In Construction

-- UPDATE --

August 1, 2022

An additional phase of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project will begin August along the west side of Minot. Phase MI-2C, also referred to as the West Peterson Coulee Outlet, is a storm sewer project located near the West Hills Acres and West Ridge Estates subdivisions along Ward County Road 15 immediately west of Minot. The storm sewer installed for this project will serve as a bypass and redirect storm water runoff which would typically follow the ditch along the US Hwy 83 bypass around the Tierrecita Vallejo and the Napa Valley levee system. By directing runoff around the levee system, the infrastructure required for interior drainage along the dry side of the levee can be greatly scaled down which results in cost savings in construction as wells as continued operations and maintenance savings.

Phase MI2-C West Peterson Coulee Outlet

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