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Phase MI-2C West Peterson Coulee Outlet In Construction

-- UPDATE --

January 1, 2023

The storm sewer project for the West Peterson Coulee Outlet known as Phase MI-2C of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project has been underway since August of 2022, located on the west side of Minot near the West Hills Acres and West Ridge Estates subdivisions, along Ward County Road 15. This phase reached substantial completion in late November just prior to the onset of winter.

Wagner Construction completed the installation of the 48-inch, 60-inch and 66-inch RCP storm sewer pipe in November despite delays in material procurement because of limited precast pipe suppliers in the region. The storm sewer will serve as a bypass, redirecting storm water runoff that would typically follow the ditch along the US Hwy 83 bypass, around the Tierrecita Vallejo and Napa Valley levee system. The bypass allows for runoff to be directed around the City of Minot’s levee system and minimizing the infrastructure required to provide interior drainage along the dry side of the levee.

Other features of work constructed this year, include the installation of a new 9’ x 6’ precast box culvert beneath 41st St NW and dual 60-inch RCP culverts installed beneath Harmony Street. An outlet structure for the Ward County Water Resource District’s detention pond was also constructed in order to control discharge rates from the pond. Rip rap was also installed for bank stabilization at key locations along the coulee banks near the confluence with the Mouse River. Final restoration and seeding will be completed in the spring of 2023.

Phase MI2-C West Peterson Coulee Outlet

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