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Phase MI-6 Downtown Minot

urban flood control

Milestone 2 includes Phases MI-6, 7, 8, and 9 and will protect the south side of the river from Main Street to south of 8th Avenue SW. Phase MI-6 spans from Main Street North and continues to the east along the railroad tracks and river past 8th Street NE and ends in Roosevelt Park where it will tie into Phase MI-7.


The project features of this phase include concrete floodwalls, earthen levees, roadway changes, utilities, a gatewell, and a stormwater pump station with gatewell. The concrete floodwalls will be similar in height to the Phase MI-1 floodwalls, extending an average of 14 feet above the finished grade. Earthen levees will be seeded and become a natural green space.

When completed and connected to Milestone 2 of the MREFPP, the MI-6 phase will help remove downtown Minot from the proposed FEMA floodplain and, most importantly, provide long-term flood protection to the record flood of 2011. All the enhanced flood protection projects currently under construction, and those under design provide a level of protection equal to the 2011 flood, plus three feet of freeboard.

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