Phase MI-3 Forest Road Currently In Construction

-- UPDATE --

December 13, 2019


As work continues on Phases MI-2 and MI-3 of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP), 16th Street SW is now open to four lanes of traffic.

Work is continuing on the relocation of utilities within that area of the project.


Safety is always a priority so please be vigilant near the construction zone.


Construction completion on this phase is slated for 2020.

Phase MI-3 Forest Road

urban flood control

The Forest Road phase of the project includes segments on the north side of the river. This segment begins at the east end of the Napa Valley segment, at 16th Street SW, and ends at the end of 3rd Ave SW, near the intersection of the Canadian Pacific Railroad tracks and the Mouse River.

The predominant features for the Forest Road segment of the project are earthen levees.

Construction on the Forest Road phase (Phase 3) project began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2020.


Phase 2 & 3 -  Napa Valley and Forest Road, 90% Design Flyover of the Project

LIVE Construction Cams

Time lapse cameras have been placed at several locations along this phase of the project. Select the location you are interested in viewing above the image to enlarge it. You can also play the slide show to see the progress. Images are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Project Photo Gallery

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