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Existing Levee Repairs

Analysis of Current Rural & Urban Levee Systems

The System Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF) for the Souris/Mouse River Basin was mandated by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The SWIF includes an analysis of the entire USACE built levee system from Burlington through Minot. This SWIF identifies remediation activities which address the USACE identified deficiencies throughout the system. As the sponsoring entity, the Souris River Joint Board is required to comply with the SWIF process in order to maintain eligibility in the P.L. 84-99 program.

The SWIF covers six rural levee systems and two urban levee systems. Maps outlining the deficiencies for each of the segments can be found on the corresponding subpages under the Existing Levee tab above.

The remediation activities which address the deficiencies within the City of Minot will be paid for by the City. The remediation activities which address all other deficiencies identified in the SWIF will be paid for by the Ward County Water Board.

The final SWIF report can be found in the document below. Projects addressing the deficiencies outlined in the SWIF began in 2016. A proposed schedule of the planned improvements is included in the final SWIF.

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