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Update: January 2023

At the request of the Mouse River Park Board a trail was added to the plans to provide access to a planned kayak/canoe launch area.  All USACE documents have been completed through the preliminary review and comment process, all comments have been addressed, and packages were resubmitted for final approval. We anticipate receipt of approved documents by the end of January 2023.  The sovereign lands permit from the North Dakota Department of Water Resources was approved at the beginning of December. The design plans and bid documents for this project were completed in November with the project being advertised to be let on December 16th, due to an impact full winter storm the project bid opening date was moved to January 6, 2023.  All approvals need to be in place prior to the start of construction, with anticipated construction to begin in March of 2023. We are planning a substantial completion date set for the end of October.


Phase RC-1 Mouse River Park Bridge

urban flood control

Design of the Mouse River Park project began in the fall of 2018. Initial plans developed through the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project Preliminary Engineering Report include the replacement of the 95th Street bridge at Mouse River Park. Additional measures will be studied and assessed in order to determine the best solutions to minimize flooding impacts to this roadway.


Design was completed in 2021, and the next phase of permits and environmental studies are being reviewed.

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Project Photo Gallery

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