Phase BU-1D Burlington Currently In Construction

-- UPDATE --
June 2, 2022

Construction of Phase BU-1D for the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project got a slow start due to the late spring weather delays but is now full steam ahead. This phase will see a large change to Park Road with the existing road being removed, and the final roadway will be elevated approximately 6 feet with the roadway running on top of the levee once completed. There will be modifications to several properties along the new levee including raising a structure, modifications to Peace Lutheran Church parking lot, and reconstruction of the Old Settlers Park loop.. The contractor, Bluestone Construction, is focused on several key project components. Earthwork operations have begun with the stripping of the borrow pit, removal of trees, and preparing the site for the working pad for the slurry cut off wall. At the same time, their sub-consultant has begun municipal relocations on Park Road. After the utilities are relocates, a one-pass trencher, which mixes the components of the slurry cut off wall in place without removing material from the trench, will be mobilized. The slurry cutoff wall will be located along the centerline of the new levee and extends to depths that exceed 35 feet. Work on the slurry cut off wall will start in late July. 

Project features in the BU-1D phase include riprap, seepage cutoff wall, levee, a retaining wall and final lift bituminous pavement & topsoil; these project features will be completed in the 2022 construction season. 

Items scheduled for the 2023 construction include final restoration, seeding, site furnishing, and asphalt placement for the new pedestrian and bicycle path a top the levee and final bit surfacing.


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