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Phase BU-1D Burlington Currently In Construction

-- UPDATE --
January 1, 2023

The final phase the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project for the City of Burlington is located primarily along Park Road and connects back to the BU-1C levee system at the Burlington Recreation Facility. Phase BU-1D had a full and busy construction schedule throughout the 2022 season which included utility relocations, installation of a seepage cutoff wall, and levee construction.

The contractor, Bluestone Construction, Inc., began demolition and clearing activities as soon as spring conditions allowed. Prior to levee construction several key construction items required completion before moving forward on the levee. Multiple utility relocations were necessary to remove existing utilities from beneath the future levee footprint. Utility relocations included water, sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer forcemain, and storm sewer. Similar to the other Burlington phases, a seepage cutoff wall was installed beneath the levee as a hydraulic barrier used to control groundwater seepage beneath the levee. The seepage cutoff wall was constructed along the levee centerline utilizing a one-pass trencher to mix cement, slag, and bentonite with native soils to create the necessary hydraulic barrier extending to depths between 30 to 50 feet.

Once the critical utility relocations and seepage cutoff wall were complete, the levee along Park Road was constructed with imported fill. The reconstruction of Park Road atop the new levee section was also completed during the 2022 construction season. The new roadway alignment included new curb, gutter, storm sewer, and asphalt. Park Road was reopened for traffic in early December.

The 2023 construction season will see the remainder of the project items completed which include final restoration, landscaping, and seeding. The project is scheduled for final completion by September 2023.



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