-- UPDATE --
May 28, 2021

Phase BU-1C, near the ball diamonds and park, is currently an active construction site. Summer season access to recreational activities will be realigned and will require extended closure of the existing roadway, however, regularly scheduled recreational activities will continue without disruption. Residents are asked to use Valley Avenue to access facilities during this time.

Phase BU-1C Burlington Currently In Construction


Phase BU-1A & BU-1B City of Burlington

urban flood control

Phase BU-C is a flood risk management system....

Project highlights and community impacts include:

  • Access to facilities will be realigned and will require extended closure of the existing roadway. Please use Valley Ave to access facilities during this time.

  • Relocation and paving of parking lot will require parking on residential streets in the neighborhood.

  • Relocation of batting cages.

  • Relocation of storage shed.

  • All construction areas will be marked by fencing. Please stay clear of construction zones.

  • There will be minimal residential propoerty impacts during this construction season

  • Residents should anticipate significant tree removal to make way for the new levee system. When possible, trees and shrubs will be replaced outside of the vegetation-free zone.

  • Later in the season, we anticipate extended closure of Colton Ave Bridge that will last several weeks. During this closure, the detour to Highway 2 will be put in place and all of the same school and emergency services procedures previously followed during bridge replacement will be reimplemented.

Maps depicting the project are included below. The Burlington projects will be constructed in three separate phases with the baseball field area, phase BU-1C active in summer 2021. Construction is scheduled to be substantially complete fall of 2022.


City of Burlington, 60% Design Flyover of the Project

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