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Update: January 2024

The design and coordination between NDDOT, City of Velva, and the SRJB continue on this project. Plans at 50% completion were submitted to the NDDOT for review. NDDOT provided design and plan comments to HDR Engineering. The plan and specification comments were minor, but an additional request was made by the NDDOT of an analysis of the storm water system in the project area. The Hydraulic analysis information (H&H) was submitted to the North Dakota Department of Water Resources and the review and approval of the H&H is ongoing. The USACE document for permitting is being assembled along with all environmental documentation for permitting. When the project is completed, and an initial bridge inspection takes place the NDDOT will become the owner of the bridge with responsibilities for operations and maintenance.

January 2032

The design and coordination with NDDOT, the City of Velva, the SRJB, and the USACE continue moving forward on this project. Comments received from the NDDOT on the 60% plans have been incorporated into design. Possible construction phasing options were discussed with the NDDOT, and the results of those discussions have been incorporated in the plans. The environmental documentation will be completed in the spring of 2023 with approvals expected in early summer of the same year.  Right of Way activities will continue throughout the winter of 2022-2023 with finalization in the Spring prior to the project being let, this project is scheduled to start construction in 2023.

Phase VE-1 Velva Bridge

urban flood control

In 2012, the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project Preliminary Engineering Report was released. This document addressed flood risk reduction measures for populated areas throughout the Mouse River Basin. One recommendation within that report included the replacement of the Highway 41 bridge in Velva.


Design of the Velva Bridge project began in the fall of 2018.  Initial plans for the new bridge include raising and lengthening it, in order to increase conveyance through the area.

Design is anticipated to be completed in 2022. It is anticipated that the Velva bridge replacement project could be bid in early 2023 with construction to start in the same year.


Project Photo Gallery

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