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Phase WC-1A Tierrecita Vallejo Currently In Construction

-- UPDATE --

August 1, 2022


Phase WC-1 of the Mouse River Enhance Flood Protection Project has been underway in the Tierrecita Vallejo neighbor since Wagner Construction began in August of 2021. This phase was divided into two construction contracts which allowed for an extension on negotiations of property acquisitions. The second contract for this phase was also secured by Wagner Construction and began in the spring of 2022.

The initial phase, WC-1A, is nearing completion at the mid-summer point. A majority of levee fill has been placed and is progressing towards final restoration. This phase features storm sewer and seepage collection piping which are both complete. The storm water gatewell that will control the flow in the neighborhood’s oxbow has been installed. Rip rap has been placed along the riverbank to aid in prevention of erosion along the wet side of the levee. The relocation of a single-family home within the neighborhood was also included in WC-1A, this relocation is complete and was required to clear the footprint for the earthen levee.

Phase WC-1 Tierrecita Vallejo

urban flood control

Tierrecita Vallejo is a rural residential subdivision located near the northwest corner of the US 83 bypass and Highway 2 intersection, directly west of Jack Hoeven Park.  Shortly after the flood of 1907, the USACE constructed a flood control project for the subdivision consisting of a levee, gate wells, and a portable pump.  Following the 2011 flood, the Tierrecita Vallejo neighborhood was included in the scope of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) with the recommendation for the reconstruction of the levees, a railroad crossing structure, and storm water lift station.  Ultimately, the proposed levee system will serve as the west tieback for the MREFPP Phase MI-2 project and provide an increased level of protection for the City of Minot.

Since the PER was developed, other projects are either under construction or have been constructed that will allow for modifications to the proposed PER recommendations that will both save construction time and cost.  The proposed levee will extend west from the new US 83 bridge and follow the north bank of the Mouse River, cross the Canadian Pacific Railroad and head north. The levee will feature a closure structure across the railroad allowing Canadian Pacific Railroad continued operation while still protecting the Tierrecita Vallejo residents.  Work completed as a part of the Phase MI-2 project will allow the design team to modify the preliminary design by removing the ponding area, eliminating the proposed storm water lift station, and modifying the existing gate wells to maintain water

Phase WC-1 Tierrecita Vallejo Features.j

Phase WC-1 -  Tierrecita Vallejo 60% Design

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