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Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP) Construction Begins on Phase MI-2A

Minot, N.D. – Work started this week on Phase MI-2A (Perkett Ditch Improvements) of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP). This is one of the first phases to be constructed as a part of the multi-million dollar flood risk reduction project being developed throughout the Mouse River Basin.

This phase focuses on interior drainage improvements to manage the storm water runoff on the dry side of the proposed levees. The project scope includes improvements to the existing Perkett Ditch, storm sewer upgrades within 2nd Ave SW and the construction of a regional detention/retention pond.

Leach Park and Hoeven Baseball Complex are intended to remain open throughout construction. As construction progresses, local detours along 2nd Ave SW are anticipated.

This week contractors installed safety fence and erosion control measures and began tree and topsoil removal to prepare the site for full construction to begin next week. Construction is expected to be completed in 2017.

For more information about the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project, visit, or visit us on Facebook at Mouse River Plan.

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