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Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP) Announces Changes in Roadway Impacts

Minot, N.D. – As work continues on Phases MI-1, MI-2 and MI-3 of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP), several major roadway changes are scheduled over the next week.

16th Street SW 2 Lanes Reopen

Beginning on Friday, September 6, 16th Street SW will reopen with two lanes of traffic, one northbound and one southbound. Two lane traffic will be in place until mid-October at which time 16th Street SW is scheduled to fully reopen. Crews will continue exterior roadway work including curb and gutter along with the completion of the closure structure work.

Road Closure on Third Street NE

Contractors for the Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue flood protection project plan to close the intersection of Third Street NE and Fifth Avenue NE starting on Monday Sept. 9. This closure will allow the underground work to continue in this area, including replacing and/or upsizing watermains, sanitary sewer lines and storm water pipes. The closure at this intersection is estimated to last three weeks.

Detour routes for Third Street will be clearly marked and include routing vehicles to Broadway and either Central Avenue or Burdick Expressway to avoid the Third Street Bridge and the impacted intersection. Businesses north of the Mouse River, along Third Street will only be accessible from the north, businesses south of the Mouse River, along Third Street will only be accessible from the south. The pedestrian access on the Third Street Bridge will remain open during this time.

We anticipate these roadway impacts to take place on the dates listed, however, this schedule is weather permitting.

Safety is always a priority so please be vigilant near the construction zones.

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