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Temporary closure of Third Avenue NW set for June 22nd, 2020

Minot, N.D. – The construction contractor for Phase 1 flood protection in Minot is planning a 21 to 28-day closure of Third Avenue, just to the west of Broadway. Park Construction is scheduled to close a one block stretch of Third Avenue NW between Fourth Street NW and Broadway, starting Monday, June 22 (weather dependent). A detour route will be clearly marked that includes using Sixth Street NW and Fifth Avenue NW to get around the temporary closure.

“The contractor needs to remove the temporary storm sewer bypass pipe that crosses 3rd Ave NW that allowed for the construction of the Broadway Pump Station. The contractor will also be removing the temporary pavement that was installed over the bypass and replace with permanent pavement during this closure. This work will require them to close this stretch of road for up to July 14th, 2020,” said Dan Jonasson, Director Souris River Joint Board. “We appreciate the patience of the driving public during this time while taking the detour in this area.”

This road closure will not impact the intersection of Broadway and Third/Fourth Avenue as the through traffic will continue in both north and south directions on Broadway.

The Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue enhanced flood protection project is a six block stretch of levees, floodwalls, a new sanitary lift station, and a major storm water pump station from just west of Broadway to the east side of Third Street NE. Construction on this phase is scheduled to be complete in late 2020.

For more details on the project and the latest information go to or search on Facebook and like the project information page.

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