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Access within Roosevelt Park to Re-Open on Wednesday, March, 27, 2024

The process of tree removal, cleanup of debris, and site restoration occurring for the past few weeks has been completed.

This preconstruction process involved both MI-6 Downtown and MI-7 Roosevelt Park and Zoo from Central Avenue through Roosevelt Park to Burdick Expressway by the Roosevelt Park Zoo parking lot.

The contractors have completed this work, on Wednesday, March 27th Roosevelt Park will reopen and can allow citizens back in the park for walking and other activities. The availability of some areas will depend on weather and ground conditions, but we will keep the public updated on changes as they occur. Please note tree stumps are still present within the park, so please be careful when walking throughout the park on sidewalks and pathways. These stumps will be removed in the next portion of construction within Phase MI-7. We appreciate your cooperation to ensure the safety of the public.

This is the very first step in this project, this is some of the required preconstruction work before full construction starts in the summer of 2024. Construction within the park and zoo are anticipated to be ongoing in different phases until 2027.


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