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Big Week at ND Legislature for Flood Control Funding for the MREFPP

It was a really big week for the Souris River Joint Board and City of Minot who presented testimony to the legislature for funding needs in the continued flood protection plan in the Souris River Basin.

Dave Ashley, Souris River Joint Board Chairman, and Tom Ross, City of Minot Mayor, presented multiple scenarios for funding in the upcoming biennium of this vast project. Providing sound plans for cost saving opportunities for the state, local partners, and residents of this area was the main focus in their joint testimony.

Attached are the documents outlining the plan with 3 options for the legislature to consider. Continued work between the cities, counties, community members and the SRJB are at the forefront of making suggestions to provide the most sound and quickest way to complete flood control for the region.

Download PDF • 444KB

Download PDF • 1.21MB

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