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Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project MI-7 Preconsolidation Piles will require Temporary Road Closures and Limiting Access in Roosevelt Park

Minot, N.D. – As a part of MI-7-Roosevelt Park and Zoo phase of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP) pre-construction projects will take place starting the week of January 22nd-26th. As a part of this phase there will be preconsolidation piles being placed in Roosevelt Park in preparations for full construction to start in the spring of 2024. A temporary closure of vehicle traffic to Roosevelt Park will be necessary due to the large truck traffic hauling materials. Access to Roosevelt Park on the west entrance by the pool will be closed as well as access to Roosevelt Park from the Roosevelt Park Zoo parking lot during this time.  Work is expected to start on Monday, January 22nd with completion on Friday, January 26th. Vehicle traffic should be cautious when driving in this area due to the haul route where heavy truck traffic will be working. Pedestrians can utilize the park during this time but should use caution and pay attention as this work takes place.



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