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Preconsolidation Piles Added to the Landscape in Roosevelt Park

What's That Pile? It is probably not what you think it might be...

Pre-consolidation piles are a critical process when building a very large and heavy earthen levee and flood walls like are involved in multiple phases in the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan projects.

One of the fist steps in the construction process includes the compression of soils at the interface of earthen levees and rigid structures, like floodwalls. Temporary surcharge piles, up to 25 feet high, are placed at these locations for a period of several months to compress and compact the existing soils. Once the soils have compressed, the temporary surcharge piles will be removed to allow for the construction of the levees and floodwalls. We will start to see a lot of movement in the Roosevelt Park area when the full construction season starts in the spring. This surcharge pile can be found in Roosevelt Park, Phase MI-7 of the Mouse River Plan, close to the pool parking lot and pickleball courts.

Thank you to the contractors, our partners at Minot Parks, and the community for their patience as we continue work on this project. Make sure to be aware of heavy equipement & additional truck traffic as these projects move forward.


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