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Tree Removal within Roosevelt Park to Start Monday, February 19th

All of the partners within the Phase MI-7 project met on Friday, February 16th, laying out the timeline for the upcoming pre-construction items that need to be completed before the full construction season gets underway.

The largest discussion was related to the time line for tree removal, which is connected to the required guidelines for habitat of certain animals who reside within the park.

Starting TOMORROW Monday, February 19th through Friday, March 8th Roosevelt Park will be CLOSED to ALL vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We are asking all citizens to stay clear of this area during this timeframe because of the tree removal occuring, larger equipment, and large trucks hauling trees once they are down. During this timeframe all pedestrians will need to look for alternate walking routes as well, due to the large amount of branch debris that will be within the park until cleaning has occurred.

We appreciate everyones cooperation to ensure safety and make sure the process can be completed by the required deadlines. Hours of Roosevelt Park Zoo will not be impacted by the tree removal happening within the Minot Parks.


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