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Phase MI-1 4th Avenue Targets 2021 Completion

Minot, N.D. - Construction has started on Phase MI-1 4th Avenue project for the season with fence installation and concrete work along 4th Avenue underway. A major milestone will be the start-up of the Broadway pump station. The Broadway pump station will be one of the largest in the state of North Dakota once complete. Work on Phase MI-1 4th Avenue project is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

As finishing work continues near the intersection of 4th Avenue NW and Broadway in June, 4th Avenue NW (in front of Sammy’s Pizza) will be closed, and a detour will be in place north of the intersection.

The Broadway pump station start-up is slated for mid-summer. Around the pump station, concrete finishing work and landscaping will continue throughout the construction season.

A portion of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan (MREFPP), Phase MI-1 4th Avenue, includes over 2,250 feet of floodwalls located between just west of Broadway and just east of Third Street NE. The project also includes earthen levees on both sides of where the Broadway Bridge connects on the north side of the river, and two removable closure structures in the flood wall.

“Along 4th Avenue NW we are happy to see new fences for homeowners, floodwalls completed, sidewalks and shared use paths on both sides of the floodwalls and landscaping as the project nears completion,” said Dan Jonasson, Director Souris River Joint Board. “The successful start-up of the Broadway storm water pump station will signify an operational pump station that will provide protecting from rain events during flood events and just how close we are to finishing this phase of the Mouse River Plan. The MI-1 4th Avenue project will provide flood protection, in conjunction with the other phases along the north side of the river, to many impacted by the 2011 flood.”

The Souris River Joint Board initiated the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project in 2011 to provide future flood protection for urban and rural residents throughout the Mouse River Basin in North Dakota. The project has now progressed several phases through design and into construction.

If you have any questions about this phase of the MREFPP project, please contact Odney at 701-857-7205, and ask for Brekka or Beth.

Phase MI-1 4th Avenue

The 4th Avenue North Floodwall phase of the project is located just west of Broadway and east of Third Street NE. This phase features floodwalls, earthen levees, a large pump station, and other key features. Construction is now in the third season and is expected to be completed in late 2021 or early 2022.

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