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Construction Begins on Phases MI-1 4th Avenue, MI-2 Napa Valley, and MI-3 Forest Road Segments of Mo

Minot, N.D. – Construction work will begin next week on the first phases of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP). Both the Phase MI-1 contractor, Park Construction, and Phases MI-2 and MI-3 contractor, Wagner Construction, say they will begin mobilizing equipment, contractors and supplies, and coordinating with local and City of Minot utilities starting next week. They are also planning to begin tree removal and clearing & grubbing within their construction zone.

“We held our pre-construction meetings the first of March and I am pleased with the early coordination efforts and the eagerness of the contractors to get started,” said David Ashley, chairman of the Souris River Joint Board. “This is just the beginning of a massive project, with the end goal of protecting thousands of Souris Basin residents from experiencing the same damage that occurred along the Souris River in 2011. It feels great to be starting the construction phase of these first three projects.”

Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue is a six block stretch of levees, floodwalls, a new sanitary lift station, and a major pump station from just west of Broadway to the east side of Third Street NE.

Phase MI-2 Napa Valley runs from the Highway 83 Bypass to 16th Street SW and will include levees, a road closure structure, and two storm water pump stations.

Phase MI-3 Forest Road provides protection on the north side of the river between 16th Street SW and the end of 3rd Ave SW, near the intersection of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and will primarily feature earthen levees.

Safety is always a priority, so the Souris River Joint Board and its’ contractors ask that individuals remain vigilant near the construction zones. Construction areas will be fenced, requiring that the public keep out of these areas. Additionally, there will be significant heavy equipment working in the construction areas and the roadways surrounding them, so caution should be used around these construction zones.

The total cost for Phases MI-1, MI-2 and MI-3 is estimated to be $99.4 million. The cost share on these three phases is being done on a 65/35 split, with 65 percent coming from the state and 35 percent from local funds. The primary source for local funding is from a portion of the Minot city sales tax allocated to flood protection.

Construction on all three phases is scheduled to be completed in 2020. For the latest information on the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project and the first three phases go to or search on Facebook for Mouse River Plan.

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