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Stain being applied to Water Treatment Plant floodwalls

Minot, N.D. – Work on protecting the regional water treatment plant in Minot from future floods is going through the phase of becoming more aesthetically pleasing as contractors are applying a stain to the floodwalls. The stain will allow the floodwalls to blend in more with the municipal buildings in the area and is one of the last steps in finishing the almost two-year construction project.

“Along with the red and tan stains the contractor is applying an anti-graffiti coating that will allow us to keep better long-term care of this asset,” said Dan Jonasson, Minot public works director. “It’s exciting to see us get toward the end of this enormous first step in providing hazard protection to arguably one of the most important pieces of public infrastructure to this part of the state.”

Exterior and interior work on key buildings is also nearing an end and when finished will finalize protection to the flood of record and provide one more level of safety for the more than 75,000 regional water users who rely on the plant for reliable drinking water.

The contractor, Wagner Construction, has finishing touches to complete this summer including landscaping, roadwork east of 16th Street SW, the installation of UV reactors in the High Service Pump Station, and the testing of stoplogs at two separate temporary roadway closures. According to the contractor schedule the city anticipates finishing in late July or early August with substantial completion on this massive undertaking.

The construction cost of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)-Water Treatment Plant project will come in around $25 million – and provides, thanks to FEMA, state partners, and a local match from the City of Minot, solid protection to the flood of record.

In total, 1,720 linear feet of concrete floodwalls are in place on the south side of the Mouse River to protect against a 2011-level flood event, plus freeboard. These floodwalls tie into two new temporary roadway closure structures at 16th Street SW and Water Treatment Plant Road (12th Street SW). Earthen levees, new lift stations, and the adjustment of intake structures at the treatment plant are also part of the project.

Residents with questions about this project and other flood protection projects are encouraged to follow the City of Minot Facebook page, like the Mouse River Plan Facebook page, sign up for email alerts through the city’s website or, or contact the public information officer for the Water Treatment Plant project, Mark Lyman with Odney at 857-7205.

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