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Public input meeting lays out current design details for next two phases of flood protection in Min

Minot, N.D. – The Souris River Joint Board (SRJB) heard public input tonight (June 20), while presenting the latest information on two future phases of flood protection within Minot as part of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project. Those two phases are the MI-4 Maple Diversion and MI-5 Northeast Tieback Levee.

“With the first three phases of flood protection under construction in Minot, and multiple areas of the plan being worked on throughout the rest of the Souris River Basin, tonight was a good time to update the public on two phases that are currently under design within Minot,” said David Ashley, Souris River Joint Board chairman. “We are excited to be pushing forward with this enhanced flood protection through the continued design of the Maple Diversion and Northeast Tieback Levee. We hope the public will stay engaged and provide input on what they would like to see become a reality in their part of the basin, when it comes to flood protection.”

The SRJB was joined by representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the City of Minot, and the engineering firms designing the Phase MI-4 Maple Diversion and Phase MI-5 Northeast Tieback Levee projects.

The Maple Diversion phase is the current plan that the USACE is considering for federal funding recommendation. Phase MI-4 includes an excavated high flow diversion channel, upstream and downstream river closure structures, an upstream weir structure, earthen levee segments, and closure structures across the Canadian Pacific Railroad and 6th Street. This phase is located in the center of the valley in Minot and would connect Phase MI-3 Forest Road with Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue. The total project cost is estimated at $85 million. If the project is federally authorized and appropriated, the federal share of the cost would be 65 percent with the remainder coming from state and local sources. The project is currently at approximately 20 percent design level.

The Northeast Tieback Levee phase is currently at the 60 percent design level. This phase would start on the east end of the Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue project by Third Street NE and continues to the east and south, tying back to high ground. Phase MI-5 includes earthen levees, arterial road changes, a dry storm water pond, a railroad closure structure, a pedestrian path closure, floodwalls, and a storm water pump station. The construction cost of Phase MI-5 is estimated at $44 million, with a cost share of 65 percent state funding and 35 percent local funding.

All the enhanced flood protection projects currently under construction and those under design provide a level of protection equal to the 2011 flood, plus three feet of freeboard.

For more details on the project and the latest information go to or search on Facebook and like the project information page.

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