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Flood protection construction to close Fourth Avenue and Broadway intersection

Minot, N.D. – The Fourth Avenue Northwest and Broadway intersection in Minot will be closed to through traffic in all directions for flood protection utility construction from May 12 to May 22, after which the intersection will be partially reopened to one lane in each direction (north and south) on Broadway. Park Construction, the contractor for the Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue flood protection project, requested the closure to eliminate traffic impacts that could have stretched into December.

“We understand that a full closure of all lanes of traffic at this intersection is sure to be difficult for the driving public, yet the contractor is confident that this method of construction is the most convenient for everyone and gets the work done in the shortest timetable,” said Dan Jonasson, Souris River Joint Board member and Minot Public Works Director. “The upcoming utility work is being done almost 20 feet below grade and includes replacing all the major utilities under the road and upsizing the piping to handle a large rainfall event should that could occur during high flood waters. This work makes us safer as a community and as an entire basin.”

Broadway will be closed from just north of Central Avenue to north of Fourth Avenue NW. In-town traffic detour routes will redirect drivers to use 16th Street on the west side of town or 27th Street on the east side of town and will start at Burdick Expressway to the south and either University Avenue or the 83 NE Bypass to the north. Eastbound or westbound traffic at this intersection should follow the marked detour that uses Sixth Street NW and Fifth Avenue/Sixth Avenue NW/NE. Signage will redirect truck traffic around the City of Minot on appropriate bypasses. Local traffic only will be able to access impacted businesses on North and South Broadway. (See attached detour maps.)

During the closure, Park Construction will be installing sanitary sewer, watermain, and storm sewer lines from south of Sammy’s Pizza across Broadway to the pump station under construction. This will connect flood protection elements for NE Minot to the Broadway Pump Station.

After the Fourth Avenue/Broadway intersection full closure is over, this intersection will remain partially open to north/south, head-to-head traffic (one way each direction) for two months to allow the contractor to place permanent concrete roadway in the intersection.

The Phase MI-1 Fourth Avenue enhanced flood protection project is a six block stretch of levees, floodwalls, a new sanitary lift station, and a major storm water pump station from just west of Broadway to the east side of Third Street NE. Construction on this phase is scheduled to be complete in early 2021.

For more details on the project and the latest information go to or search on Facebook and like the project information page.



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