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Big Step in Phase MI-5 NE Levee Tieback

Recently a BIG milestone was obtained in the MREFPP on Phase MI-5. The floodwall stem pour occurred, and this is the first wall pour of the 2450-foot-long concrete floodwall which will connect into the existing wall from MI-1, which is west of 3rd Street.

Some interesting facts about this wall and the sections that will follow are: • These walls are 2 feet thick and have 2 layers of epoxy rebar reinforcing the walls. • The walls are around 19 foot tall from the footing, and around 13-14 feet of wall will be exposed after they are backfilled. • The forms have a pattern on them which provide decorative relief making the walls more aesthetic. • Walls will be stained similar to the wall on MI-1 which they will connect to. • Concrete footing the wall is supported on is 24-ft wide, and 2'-3" feet thick.

What we are saying is that this is kind of a LARGE-SCALE project. Thanks to the teams working on these projects!


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