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Director Dan Jonasson Acknowledgement

Part of the August SRJB Meeting included some well deserved recognition for Dan Jonasson who is retiring from his role as Public Works Director from the The City of Minot.

Dan has served as a Director on the SRJB since 2014, serving as a representative for the City of Minot and it's residents. He has always been comitted to bringing flood protection to the City and the whole Mouse River Basin. His knowledge of city infrastructure and being a part of the 2011 flood fight and recovery has been invaluable in bringing insights to current and future phases of Mouse River Enhaced Flood Protection Projects.

Jonasson said, "These projects have been very near and dear to my heart, they are so important to our residents. It has been a true honor to serve on the board."

We know you will continue to celebrate with all of us as projects come to completion. Thank you for your service and enjoy retirement, Dan!


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