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Phase MI-4/MI-4A Maple Diversion Enters Year Two of Construction

Phase MI-4A Utility relocation in front of the larger MI-4 Maple Diversion project has entered year two of construction. Western Avenue SW and 4th Avenue SW are currently closed to traffic for curb and gutter work and new asphalt pavement installation. The railway crossing connecting Burdick Expressway to 4th Avenue SW will have permanent barriers added for safety and to comply with quiet zone requirements. This stretch of roadway should see finishing work early in the season

A detour is currently in place for work being done between City Hall and the Minot Public Library. City Hall remains accessible off 6th Street SW, while Minot Public Library is accessible from the east along 1st Avenue SW.

The work in the area is part of Phase MI-4A of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project (MREFPP), which started construction at the end of August. The purpose of MI-4A (Maple Diversion South Utility Relocations) is to relocate municipal utilities in advance of the flood protection features proposed as part of the Phase MI-4 Maple Diversion Project.

Construction on this phase is scheduled to be fully completed in 2022.

If you have any questions about this phase of the MREFPP project, please contact Odney at 701-857-7205, and ask for Brekka or Beth.


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